Our lab is highly interdisciplinary and is always seeking skilled, motivated, and team-oriented individuals to join our dynamic group. If you are interested in working with our lab or would like more information, please send a resume to Professor Takayama (


The Applied Micro and Nanofluidics Lab has an opening for a postdoc with organ-on-a-chip skills including cell culture, micro fabrication, tissue engineering, and micro sensors. Applicants with a green card or US citizenship are invited to submit a letter of interest and CV to (


Graduate students from backgrounds in engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, and materials science are encouraged to apply to our lab. For more information about the graduate admissions process, Click Here.


Undergraduate students are encouraged to contact Professor Takayama or directly contact current graduate students and post-docs about potential research projects. Undergraduates can receive directed research credits for working alongside current graduate students and post-docs and we will list potential opportunities as they arise. We also participate in the UROP Program during the school year, and also encourage interested undergrads to work in our lab through the other summer research programs.