September 18
The new lab space is finally open! We’re located on the fourth floor of the Engineered Biosystems Building (EBB). Come stop by to see the new space and talk collaborations!

August 24
Dr. Takayama has been invited as a keynote speaker to Symposium SM5: Aqueous Cytomimetic Materials April 17-21, 2017! Please see the syposium flier for more details.


July 26
We’ve had an influx of new post-docs and summer scholars! Thanks to Yang, Suny, Yuji, Kathryn, and Jungsoo for joining the lab!

July 25
Check out our updated publications page!

March 31
Our webmaster, Steve, was awarded the Whitaker International Fellowship Program grant and will be conducting research at the University of Freiburg for a year starting in September! Check out his host lab here!

February 29
Two long-time lab members are out the door. Dr. Brendan Leung is headed off for a tenure track faculty position at Dalhousie University and Dr. Joe Labuz is consulting at McKinsey!

February 23
Joey passed his defense! Dr. Labuz is off to the Netherlands for a consulting workshop to kickoff his position at McKinsey!

January 5
Tai passed his defense! Dr. Kojima is now headed of to Freiburg Germany to work more with coacervates!

January 4
Dr. Christopher Ryan Oliver joins the lab as our newest post-doc. Check out his work at


October 29
Joe’s failed candy recipe solves sticky problem in the lab. Check it out here!

June 17
SCLP and Priyan’s work is highlighted on Michepedia. Check it out here!

June 8
Webmaster’s asleep at the wheel! 2 lab members moving on + 4 new lab members joining = time to check out the people page for all the detes!!

May 5
Troika time: Takayama, Luker, and Linderman labs combine for a slam-dunk paper in PLOS One with Steve as a coauthor. Check it out here!

April 1
No foolin, SCLP is now Dr. Lesher-Perez. Congrats Sasha Cai!

March 27
Steve passed his defense. Congratulations Dr. Cavnar!

March 25
David’s PhD thesis was one of ten to win the campus-wide ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award! Check out the story here.

March 4
David’s review is available at the Journal of Biomechanics! Take a look here

February 24
ShuLab is looking for a postdoc. Check out the posting here!

February 17
John’s paper is published at Advanced Functional Materials, check it out here.

February 6
Shu lab happily welcomes Ge-Ah to the group!

January 28
David starts off 2015 with two publications. Check out his thesis work here and gander at this book chapter with an assist from Joyce.

January 21
Byoung Choul and Priyan score the lab’s first paper of 2015. Check it out in Lab on a Chip!


December 27
Just before new year’s: Chris, Brendan, and co.’s latest on 3D high throughput screening (HTS).

December 4
Check out Tai (and Chris’s and Steve’s) latest at Acta Biomaterialia!

December 4
Check out Priyan and SCLP’s paper in micromachines!

November 23
Regular old Chris is now Prof. Moraes! Check out his lab’s website at McGill University.

November 23
Takayama lab showed up en masse for the latest publication. Check out SCLP, Brendan, Toskiki, and Chris’s paper in the Sefton birthday edition of Biomaterial Sciences!

November 23
Best of luck to BCK as he heads off to start a post-doc at the University of Illinois!

July 29
Prof Frampton still doin’ work for the Takayama Lab all the way from Canada. Check out his, Michael’s, Josh’s, and Abin’s latest paper here.

July 29
Shu Lab bids goodbye to Chungmin and Prof. Park. Great working with you both!

June 24
Check out Chris and BCK’s latest in Small!

June 9
Take a look at Arlyne, showing off her tricknology in Technology. Paper available here

June 7
Shu lab is proud to welcome Cedric and Steve to the group. Joining just in time for summer – pretty nice timing guys!

June 6
Joe’s article, “Elevating sampling,” was selected as a Lab Chip HOT article for June. Check out the blog post or the actual article itself.

May 11
Check out new papers from the minds of David and John! Published in Analytical Chemistry and Scientific Reports, respectively.

March 24
Last week was grand slam in the Takayama Lab. Round the bases with Steve (Integrative Biology), Chris (Lab on a Chip), Joe (Lab on a Chip), and alumna Angela (Biomicrofluidics).

March 15
John is off to his new position as Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University. Best of luck!

February 27
That’s Doctor Lai to you. Congrats to David who passed his defense yesterday evening!

January 28
It’s not 2014 until we say it is. Fortunately, we say it is. So go ahead and check out our newest papers while flipping that calendar over!


November 1
A double whammy from Byoung Choul. Take a look at his paper with Jessi in J Mat Sci, then check out his paper in Scientific Reports!

September 26
Steve’s paper is online at JALA. Mosey on over and take a look here.

September 24
Congratulations to Prof Geeta Mehta who’s starting up her lab in MS&E at Michigan this fall. Visit her online here!

September 23
Andreja’s paper was selected as an Integrative Biology HOT article. Check it out on their blog!

September 23
Toshiki, Byoung Choul, and Chris’s review is online. Good stuff!

September 23
Chris and Arlyne’s paper on contractile collagen microgels is available through Biomaterials. Have a look!

August 28
Cameron and Joyce have joined the lab. Welcome to Ann Arbor guys!

August 22
Congratulations to Steve for passing his QE without reservations!

August 22
Angela and Chris’s paper was just published. Give it a look here!

August 15
Before summer is over make sure to check out David and Joe’s new paper in RSC Advances!

July 18
Ever wondered what a microscale human would look like? Chris, Brendan, and Joe have some ideas. Check out their paper in Integrative Biology!

June 28
Sung Jin may have left the lab, but he’s still publishing lab papers. Check out his latest in Analytical Chemistry.

June 26
Minsub and his family are returning to Korea. Best wishes guys!

June 22
Toshiki is off to start his new job in Japan. Good luck Toshiki!

May 1
Check out Tai’s latest paper in Analytical Chemistry!

April 18
Check out John’s new paper on ATPS and stem cells!

April 18
Tai’s paper was published in Langmuir!

April 3
John, Josh and Abin made their acting debuts in this JOVE article. Be sure to check it out and like on facebook!

March 31
Take a look at Byoung Choul and collaborators’ latest paper

March 25
Check out Sung Jin’s latest paper

February 26
Check out the latest paper in Advanced Materials!

February 20
John’s paper was published in the Journal of Biophotonics!

February 7
John’s paper was published in Advanced Functional Materials!

February 4
Check out Sung Jin’s latest paper in Lab on a Chip!

January 28
Congratulations to Professor Sung Jin Kim, Konkuk University’s newest faculty member!

January 21
Madhuresh passed his QE. Congratulations candidate Sumit!

January 16
Byoung Choul and Toshiki’s paper was published in Physical Chemistry B!


December 13
Sung Jin and Ryuji’s paper was published in Applied Physics Letters!

November 30
Toshiki and Byoung Choul’s paper was published in Nano Letters!

November 5
Sasha Cai and John’s review was published in Biotechnology Journal!

August 11
Finally getting unpacked in the new lab space at NCRC!

July 26
Ryuji and his family are headed back to Japan. Best of luck guys!

July 21
A fun time was had by all at the lab picnic. Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

July 20
Madhuresh and Minsub have joined the lab. Welcome aboard guys!

July 7
Sung-Jin and company’s review was published in Small!

June 22
Check out David’s review of lab-on-a-chip devices for assisted reproductive applications.

May 10
Congratulations to John for winning “Best Talk” of the Winter 2012 MBSTP seminar series.

April 18
Tai’s paper was published in Langmuir!

April 9
John’s paper on ATPS cell patterning with ultrasound was highlighted in Orthopedics This Week

February 29
John’s paper on ultrasonic patterning using ATPS appeared in Tissue Engineering Part C!


December 29
Sung-Jin, Ryuji, and Sasha Cai’s paper was published in Analytical Chemistry

December 12
Amy’s paper was published in Biotechnology and Bioengineering!

December 8
Sasha Cai’s paper with the Luker Lab was published in Biochemical Journal!

November 11
Chris, Geeta, and Sasha Cai’s review was published in Annals of Biomedical Engineering

November 9
Amy’s paper was published in Biomedical Microdevices!

October 26
Arlyne’s poster won “Outstanding Overall Poster” at the 35th Annual Macromolecular Science and Engineering Symposium. Congratulations Arlyne!

October 4
Bobby’s review is one of the ten most accessed articles from Lab on a Chip!

October 3
&nnbsp;   Josh’s paper was published in Integrative Biology

September 30
Congratulations to Steve who was awarded a Proteome Informatics of Cancer Training Program Fellowship!

September 7
David, John, and Hari’s paper was published in Lab on a Chip!

July 29
David passed his QE and is now a PhD candidate. Hooray!

July 22
John, David, and Hari’s paper was published in Biomedical Microdevices.

July 19
Joe was awarded an Microfluidics in Biomedical Sciences Training Grant for 2011-2012. Wahoo!

July 12
Nick successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Alveolar Microfluidic Systems for Study of Barrier Function, Cell Damage, and Migration at the Air-Blood Barrier.” He now returns to the Med School to complete his MD. Congratulations Dr. Douville!

July 7
An opening for a post-doctoral position has been posted in Research Opportunities.

July 4
Junior and Josh’s paper was published in Biomicrofluidics. Check it out here and have a happy 4th of July!

June 17
Nick’s paper was published in Soft Matter. Check it out here!

May 14
Arlyne’s poster won second place at the 8th International Center for Organogenesis Symposium. Awesome job!

April 29
Josh passed his quals. Bravo!

April 28
Amy successfully defended her thesis titled “3D Spheroid Culture Systems for Metastatic Prostate Cancer Dormancy Studies and Anti-Cancer Therapeutics Development.” Congratulations Dr. Hsiao!

April 20
Congratulations to Chris Park, today’s UROP poster blue ribbon award winner. Great work!

April 5
Sasha Cai was awarded an NSF GRFP fellowship. Congratulations!

March 31
The lab’s “aveoli-on-a-chip” device was featured in Nature’s technology feature, “A Living System on a Chip.” Check it out here: link

March 23
Sasha Cai passed his quals. Rock on!

March 17
Congratulations to lab alumnus Bobak Mosadegh, who won a ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award for his dissertation titled “Design and Fabrication of Integrated Microfluidic Circuits Using Normally-Closed Elastomeric Valves.” The award is given in recognition of “exceptional and unusually interesting work produced by doctoral students in the last phase of their graduate work.”

February 2
Nick’s paper titled “Combination Fluid and Solid Mechanical Stresses Contribute to Cell Death and Detachment in a Microfluidic Alveolar Model” was featured on the inside cover of Lab on a Chip!

January 8
Joong Yull has been appointed assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Chung-Ang University in Seoul, South Korea. Congratulations Professor Park!

January 7
Andreja has accepted a postdoc position in Dr. Dana Pe’er’s computational biology lab at Columbia University. Best of luck!


December 23
Andreja’s paper titled “Phase-Locked Signals Elucidate Circuit Architecture of an Oscillatory Pathway” was published in PLoS Computational Biology!

December 6
Bobby’s paper titled “High-density fabrication of normally closed microfluidic valves by patterned deactivation of oxidized polydimethylsiloxane” was published in Lab on a Chip!

November 15
Nick’s paper titled “Combination Fluid and Solid Mechanical Stresses Contribute to Cell Death and Detachment in a Microfluidic Alveolar Model” was accepted to Lab on a Chip!